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Fitness Classes

The class timetable has been designed to deliver the most beneficial, performance enhancing weekly workout. Each class works with the other to offer the complete workout.


High Intensity workout, using bodyweight and exercises, slam balls, battle ropes and boxing equipment. Get Fit Fast!

Boxing Conditioning

Box Conditioning is our boxing style fitness class. Sessions are ideal for those at all fitness levels and especially those new to using boxing combinations. Each session is 45 minutes long and is aimed at using boxing conditioning fitness techniques to get you fighting fit!

Full Body Conditioning

A session using the rig, tyre flips, olympic bars, power sled, box jumps and TRX. These classes are aimed towards training like athletes and will give you the opportunity to really improve strength, endurance and overall fitness.

We also offer FBC Light which is our 45 minute early morning session. Ideal for those new to FBC or those wanting to fit in some extra training!

Battle Slam

Mega high energy session using only battle ropes and slam balls. Awesome for muscular endurance, core strength and fitness!

Kickboxing Conditioning

Using kickboxing drills this class will get you fighting fit. High energy, tough class. No messing.


Kettlebells is one of our resistance training classes aimed at building strength and endurance whilst still moving the body and burning fat!


This session is aimed at all levels and is great for those looking to start more resistance training. Get fit and get strong!


Outdoor Bootcamp developing fitness and endurance using a mixture of high intensity, bodyweight and core exercises. Get outside and GET FIT! 

Phoenix Martial Arts

Taught by Simon English, these sessions will consist of fighting conditioning drills, stand up drills, floor work and much more to turn your body into a true fighting machine. heavily based around Mui Thai/ K1 Kickboxing

Barbell Club

Barbell club is our skill based training session which focuses on teaching you correct lifting technique to ensure you make the most of your training. 

Similar to the Fundamentals Induction this session will cover all key fundamental movements, however each class will go more in dept so you can perfect each movement. This session is open to all levels and is perfect for those starting out using Olympic bars and interested in Olympic lifting. 

Lifting Club 

Lifting club is our new social training session which aims to provide a motivating and supportive setting in which you can be educated and train with others with the same goal of becoming stronger! This session is ideal for those with a serious interest in powerlifting and gaining physical strength. The club is open to all abilities and will be supervised by in house coach and powerlifter Ed Lloyd.  

All classes are available on a pay as you go basis or via our membership options.

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